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We make films for global and national campaigns, for corporate communication and the public sector, for good cause campaigns and corporate social responsibility.


We are 10 people. We have made more than 600 films since 2008. We think big. We stay small.

Every film is unique.



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Maria Bengtsdotter Silva


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Anders Haraldsson  email - phone

Anders Haraldsson

Producer / Director

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Mahsa Namvar  email - phone

Mahsa Namvar

Graphic Designer

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Carl-Johan Wolmesjö  email - phone

Carl-Johan Wolmesjö

Director / Editor

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Alana da Silva  phone - email

Alana da Silva

Director / Photographer

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Niklas Johansson  email - phone

Niklas Johansson


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John Petersson  email - phone

John Petersson

Assistant Producer / Editor / DIT

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Jan “Fobbe” Forsberg  email - phone

Jan “Fobbe” Forsberg

Producer / Director

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Pierre Laurent  email - phone

Pierre Laurent


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Christian Vestby  email - phone

Christian Vestby

Photographer / Editor

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If you don’t know who of us to contact you can always use the buttons below or come and say hi at our offices on Sten Sturegatan 4, Göteborg.