Creating Circles of Prosperity

When we were asked to do a corporate film about IKEA Foundation - we made a book...

Power for a brighter future

In early 2017, thanks to funding from IKEA Foundations Brighter Lives for Refugees Campaign, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency built a solar power plant to provide the refugee camp in Al-Azraq, Jordan, with renewable energy. This is the first of its kind. We went to the Al-Azraq camp and experienced how the power from the solar plant contributes to create hope and brighter lives for the 50.000 Syrian refugees living in the camp.

UPS relief link - UNHCR Innovation in mauretania

UPS adapted its UPS Trackpad® package-tracking at a Salvation Army refugee camp following the Haitian earthquake in 2010. It was effectively used to minimize violence and chaos during the distribution of relief supplies. Through the UPS Relief Link™ Program, UPS and UNHCR Innovation developed the system for use in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Mauritania. This tracking system could have a tremendous impact on the lives of refugees, and provide a new level of efficiency for UNHCR. We were invited to the UNHCR refugee camp in Bassikonou, Mauretania to witness and share this improvement.

Humanitarian aid

IKEA Foundation has always focused their efforts to support the worlds most vulnerable children, primarily through education and health cars, but also through humanitarian aid when crisis strikes hard.

In this film we let a small group of children share their thoughts about catastrophes and humanitarian aid. This way, we showed the humanitarian values of IKEA Foundation, while at the same time explaining how IKEA Foundation co-operate with fantastic organisations such as Save the Children, Medical Sans Frontiers, and more.

Protectors of the Amazon

In Brazil, the Yawanawa people in the state of Acre and the Surui people in the state of Rondonia are two out of many native people that face tough challenges. Through a grant from the IKEA Foundation, Forest Trends is helping these people gain self-reliance. Together with Forest Trends we were invited into their homes in order to share their experiences through a couple of films. This is one of them.

Safe water saves lives

The water issue is one of the factors that binds millions of people to extreme poverty. With the support from IKEA Foundation, Water.org has brought clean water and sanitation to millions of people in Bangladesh, India and Indonesia. Vingaland went to Indonesia to find out how this helps people fight poverty and overcome the impacts of a changing climate. As a co-founder of water.org Matt Damon appears in this film. Not as an actor. For real.

Reach for Change - Call to Action: Africa

In a unique collaboration with Swedish non-profit Reach for Change, we had the chance to travel to Tanzania, Rwanda and Ghana to help them document the amazing work of their social entrepreneurs. We met people who are passionate about making the world better for children everywhere. This truly inspiring project resulted in many films, and a library of material available to our client. This is their ‘call to action film’ seeking new applications for the incubator program.

IWitness experience

IKEA stores all over the world run good cause campaigns to collect funding for IKEA Foundation. IWitness Experience is a program that enables IKEA employees to visit projects and places that IKEA Foundation is supporting through its partner organisations. This way, IKEA co-workers experience how their work in the good cause campaigns has an impact on the lives of millions of children. Instead of spending resources on flying to remote places we decided to use the IKEA co-workers own private footage for this film. Thank you for sharing!