City of Tomorrow - With Autonomous Cars

What would it look like if there were only self-driving cars on our streets? That was the question we had to ask ourselves when the City of Gothenburg and Volvo asked us to visualise future scenarios with the aim of showing the positive effects of autonomous vehicles in a city. In a fun animation with the help of well know candy cars, we were able to show – in an open and playful way – how self-driving cars can make tomorrow's cities safer, more beautiful and more spacious for people.

volvo trucks - in good hands

Happy anniversary! The classic Volvo FH truck have been around for 25 years and this piece was made to celebrate the occasion. We were engaged by OTW and The bond communication to direct and edit this ode to the truck drivers way of life.

Stena extra

Something extra. That was the common thread when we helped Stena Line develop a training film for their loyalty program. The purpose was to increase awareness amongst employees, but also to motivate an understanding of the importance to talk about membership with the guests onboard. We believe information can be entertaining and that medicine is eased down with a little sugar, or why not laughter. That's why we let our characters Carl and Jules take the employees on a journey without a happy ending, unless someone dared ask the question: Are you a member?

Place in your room - Augmented Reality brings people together

The IKEA catalogue gives you the ability to place virtual furniture in your home with the help of augmented reality. You simply place the printed IKEA Catalogue where you want to watch the furniture in your room, choose a product from the IKEA range and see how it looks in your home! We wanted to bring life to this new high tech AR function by showing how people can get together and have fun with it. As a result this film has got over 1,5 million views. 

IKEA Lithuania Summer Sale

For the first time, we produced a series of advertisements directly aimed to a local IKEA market. In Lithuania, we had the chance to learn about local humor, visit the first store to open in the Baltic region, and meet amazing people passionate about the IKEA way. This was one of the commercials that came as a result of that collaboration.

Secure it! - creating safer homes together

Are you familiar with that small bag of wall attachment screws that comes with many IKEA wardrobes and other furniture? Many people do not use them. Some IKEA chest of drawers have been in the spotlight for their lack of stability when not attached properly to the wall. We wanted to show the the importance of this matter – without actually showing anyone being injured.

Nice to come home

Enter into four homes with room for peace, recovery and some classic ”fuldans” as we call it in Sweden. Linderoth's advertising agency asked us to produce a campaign film for Willhem Fastigheter and of course we wanted it to have that nice fun feeling, just as Willhem wants their tenants to feel good about stepping through the door. It should be nice to come home.

IKEA Mattresses

To support the sales of their new roll packed mattresses, IKEA was in need of a film that could communicate both the easy transportation, compared to the traditional line, and the maintained high quality of the product. All set in the fun and easy going IKEA tone of voice. In this film, shown at the IKEA stores bed departments, we take a mattress on a journey from the store to the bedroom via a train commute and up some flight of stairs, simple as that and easy to handle. And its owners got a well deserved good night's sleep.

We bring Christmas to you

Christmas decorations that emerge from thin air, a forest on deck where the snow gently falls down and raindeers in the machine room on Stena Danica. We sure had a lot of fun during the production of this Christmas campaign consisting of three short films for social media, customer mail and blogs. Stena Line wanted to boost their marketing before and during Christmas by raising curiosity and increasing PR value in the campaign. And all kinds of things seems to happen when Captain Kenneth prepares himself and his ship for Christmas. Or is it in fact Santa?

Partille Cup - world of handball

Partille Cup is the largest Handball tournament in the world. During one week, youths from all around the globe gather in Gothenburg to play handball, make new friends and gain new experiences. With nearly perfect conditions we went out to capture the energy, commitment and passion that is the World of Handball. The film has been used to market the cup worldwide to attract more and new teams as well as describing what the tournament is all about to new sponsors and partners.