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Unga kvinnors värn

How can you show what cannot be filmed? ’Young womens protection’ is an organisation that shelter and protect women that have found themselves in horrid situations. Due to the nature of the crimes (i.e. domestic violence or trafficking) neither the women's identities or the shelters locations could be exposed. 

This is our way to tell their story, without exposing them.

Sjukdomar i rörelseorganen

Imagine that you just have been diagnosed with a rheumatic disease. What will life be like now? As one of the largest patient organisations in Sweden, ’Reumatikerförbundet’ asked us to create a film that could begin to answer that question. We proposed to make the film in a light hearted manner. We wanted the film to offer hope in a situation where many of the viewers feel anxious.

Wind power is growing

The development of wind power means bigger machines and higher towers. High wind turbines are more effective, as they generate more energy at a lower cost. But high-rise constructions need to be equipped with obstacle lights. Together with Sturm&Drang we had a close look at how the wind turbines will affect us in the future. Wait, did we say in the future? The high-rise wind turbines are already here – and we were on top of them, filming!

Climate-smart food in VGR

Food is one of four focus areas for the Västra Götaland Regions transformation to a climate-smart society. VGR is now taking initiatives to educate and inspire a more sustainable food handling and preparation within all of its operations. Together with Learnways we created a series of films with good examples from hospitals, schools, etc. This is one of them.

Transforming 2030

"Climate 2030 – Västra Götaland is transforming" is a movement for enterprises, organisations and municipalities in Västra Götaland region, that want to take action and contribute to a sustainable society.  

Together with Gullers Grupp and Västra Götalands Regionen we wanted to encourage people to jump on board by showing that this transition has already started.


Here we will have a text about the Door to needle project from Norrtälje Hospital.