corporate communication


Polfärskt - Bread Distribution for the Future

This is the story of a company that has developed the distribution of bread for decades by being committed, coming up with new ideas and always embracing the latest technology. And who knows what it will look like in the future? We made the movie that was to summarize both past, present and future; a story of entrepreneurship, vision and responsibility. And of bread, of course.

Zenuity - We shape Zenuity

Autonomous vehicles are obviously not driven by people, but they are driven by … well it must be something. The Gothenburg based innovation company Zenuity has set out to create THE virtual driver of the future. Zenuity is a young, brave and visionary company. And an employer that has attracted hundreds of brilliant minds from all over the world. We interviewed several of their talents in Gothenburg, Munich and Detroit and put together a number of films. This is one of them.


Safety is an important factor in choosing furniture for the smallest family members and especially when it's time to buy a cot. IKEA Communications asked us to effectively communicate to visitors on their website that their cots are safe and maintain high quality. With children's lively imagination and boundless energy as a starting point, we addressed parents concerns in a lighthearted but sympathetic way in a short campaign film where a loved cot  is being used again. And of course we asked a real expert to test the quality.

Our Next Feature - Spare Time

We enjoy thinking about new, fun and interesting ways of creating unique films, and this production brought the possibility of thinking freely around communicating complex technology in an intuitive and cinematic way.
Volvo have come quite far in their development of self driving cars. To support the communication of this feature we were asked to make a film that symbolises Volvos thinking around what this new technology could mean for the future of driving, and for those of us who are always running a bit late…

Skanska - step into safety

The idea that your loved ones might not come home in one piece from work is foreign to most of us, but it is sometimes a reality for those working in construction. As an initiative to change the behaviour and culture around safety in the workplace, Skanska decided to invest in a virtual reality tool to help teach their employees about the very real dangers around them, and to help them get home safely at the end of the day. We were invited to document this initiative and the preliminary results by visiting a job site and speaking with those behind the story.

What do you think? - IKEA Code of conduct

Black is black and white is white, but it’s the grey zone that is interesting… that was the starting point when we developed this concept for IKEA HR. We decided to present common workplace dilemmas – without giving any answers. The example is one of 21 films. They are all used to trigger discussions during code of conduct workshops. What do you think?

ikea strandmon

The Strandmon wing chair is a typical solitaire. It doesn’t really belong to any of the IKEA style groups - but then again, does that matter? In the Strandmon story we set out to show that this descendent from the past fits well into any room!

IKEA Regissör

Wouldn’t it be lovely to assemble an IKEA bookshelf without nails and screws? How long time would it take? With the inspiration from a golf peg, the right combination of wood qualities and newly developed production machinery, IKEA production developers have created a solution where you simply press the different parts together to a solid construction. In less than four minutes you can assemble a bookshelf. Almost the same time it takes to watch this film about the whole idea. And seriously, the new solution looks super clever.

Stena - Take care

Can a company have a soul? Our mission was to find and encapsulate the soul of STENA for new and old co-workers. Dan-Sten Olsson is the long time leader of the family owned Stena group, and he was kind enough to let us drag him out to sea at half past three in the morning. 

This is an excerpt from the full film.