VINGALANd Stop-motion & time-lapse productions

Stop motion is fun!

This 400+ still frames stop motion sequence effectively shows how to create a well organised bathroom - with IKEA products.

There was a lot of things to move around to make it come alive, but we enjoyed every second of it. We had the music track already made before the shooting so we could make the scenes match the beat. Making things move around by themselves is just… fun. We love it.

An animated book...

When asked if we a could make a film about IKEA Foundation and their work to support vulnerable children in the world, we literally turned that story into a book. We made a pop-up book that we animated. This way of telling the story made it possible to avoid showing particular places, people or organisations, but still communicate their way of working. In this 1200+ still frames stop motion sequence we have used no digital effects whatsoever.

… the best brief ever???

When our client at IKEA briefed us for this film project he had created fantastic hand-drawn illustrations of all of the new merchandising tools that he wanted the film to show. He spread them out on the table and showed the whole thing to us.

“Brilliant!”, we said - “the film is almost finished”…

We simply asked him to do his presentation once again, but this time we caught it on camera. Boom! Done!


When we were asked to show that the new chair from IKEA was a chameleon and fitted in all kinds of styles we suggested to show it as the center piece in several different homes. Said and done. We created a special rig to do a moving time lapse shot that tracked the camera towards the chair throughout the film in one single move.

complex turned simple…

A few years ago, when Göteborgs Stad and Volvo asked us to describe some of the benefits of autonomous cars from a city planning perspective, they really challenged us. There are many, many juridical and technical problems to solve before autonomous vehicles will be replacing the current cars, so how could we tell this story without getting stuck into those details?

Well, instead of a the expected futuristic CGI film we suggested a playful and childish approach with stop motion animated Ahlgrens bilar and LEGO figures. Well, there is nothing tricky about this film, really, just a lot of moving figures and candy cars. Look at this film several times. There are a lot of things going on in this miniature town.

SERIOUS does not have to be BORING…

When we were asked to make this film about safety and security for IKEA business travellers we wanted to stay serious to the topic without being boring and without scaring IKEA people off from travelling. This time we told the story using miniature figures placed in familiar, and sometimes not so familiar, situations…


Recently, we did a series of films for IKEA, showing the theme, look and feel of their upcoming launches. The target audience is IKEA co-workers in stores, worldwide. Those films were made long before the actual launches, actually so early that we had very limited access to room sets, furniture or stills. This made it tricky for us to really show how the launch will come out. To solve it, we choose a collage style for these films and illustrated the different themes in various playful ways. See for yourself.

IKEA - A Good neighbour

When we travelled the world to do this film about how IKEA impacts the local communities we knew that we would need something more to give the film its own identity. We decided to made a lot of time lapse shots to use as illustrations.

Stop motion adds … something…

In this colourful film for IKEA Foundation we wanted to bring the infographics to life through an organic approach. Instead of shiny CGI maps and figures we used beans and beads and made stop motion illustrations with them. Quite time consuming - but it gives that extra dimension of… life.

Children TV look with paper animation

This is one of ten films that we did for Göteborg Symphonic Orchestra in order to inspire children to play classical instruments. We wanted to give these short films a children TV program feel right from the start and decided to do it with paper animated intros and outs.

Budget restraints forces creativity…

For this film there was not even a budget to do filmed interviews, so we only called the interviewees up and recorded the sound. Then we did a set of simple illustrations that we made a time lapse sequence of.